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WHEN, HOW, & WHY to SEEK THERAPY | Free Resources provided by Eason Counseling & Associates


Therapy is not only for individuals with mental illness, but therapy can also help when you need guidance establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships with family or friends as well as empowering a positive and personalized work/life balance that best suits you. Therapy can also help you process feeling stuck or dealing with unresolved grief/trauma. Stress relating to coping with race, identity, sexuality or gender can also be topics tackled with your therapist.

Key points to consider: 

Does thinking about or coping with the issues in your life take up at least an hour each day?

Do the issues in your life cause embarrassment or make you want to avoid others?

Do the issues in your life cause your quality of life to decrease?

Do the issues in your life negatively affect school, work, or relationships?

Have you made changes in your life or developed habits to cope with the issues in life?

Emotions Therapy Could Help With 

Rewarding Aspects of Therapy


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