The foundations for our organization.


NWA Girl Gang Founder Rachel Fox envisions a future where children and adults living with disabilities are included in the growing opportunities available in Northwest Arkansas. As a media professional, Rachel saw the gaps in representation in creative, recreational, and educational spaces after the birth of her daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. Rachel dared to imagine a reality that welcomed her daughter into community spaces and activities. A future that provided her with equitable opportunities and rights, no matter her disabilities. Inspired by her daughter’s positive experiences with the Girl Scouts of the USA,

Rachel began NWA Girl Gang as an informal gathering space to curate relationships. Within four years, NWA Girl Gang became a 501c3 nonprofit and further extended its commitment to accessibility by deeply engaging with DEI efforts that are now including anti-oppressive approaches such as mutual aid with other nonprofits and organizations, increased entrepreneurial opportunities for NWAGG’s vendors, and engagements with the arts and culture ecosystem.

Our Mission

We create safe and accessible spaces that aim to minimize barriers and allow marginalized communities to access and create shared experiences and an equitable peer group, in order to foster authentic participation, independence, and growth.

Who Do We Support

NWA Girl Gang creates inclusive and equitable opportunities to support women, trans women, and non-binary entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and more. Focused on creating “least restrictive environments,” our events are specifically designed to accommodate and encourage authentic participation from the disabled community. NWA Girl Gang loudly and proudly values intersectionality, and successfully engages BIPOC, TSLGBTQIA+, neurodiverse, low-income, and more underrepresented communities.


Where NWA Girl Gang started and how its grown.

Creation of NWAGG

October 2018

NWAGG was founded in October of 2018. Founder, Rachel Fox was motivated by the gaps in representation she saw her daughter with Down Syndrome experiencing thus starting the NWAGG you see today.

First NWAGG Meet-Up

December 2018

The first formal meet-up of NWAGG was in December of 2018.

NWAGG Becomes a 501(c)3 Non-profit

August 2020

In August of 2020 NWAGG applied to become a 501(c)3 non-profit and was granted it and has operated as one since then.

First NWAGG Market

December 2020

In 2020 NWAGG held their first ever market. This was the first of many markets where businesses in the community had the opportunity to come together and allow individuals to shop and make connections.

Step 5

Coming Soon: Our 5 Year Impact

Where we are now

Information coming soon