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Our mission is to RECOGNIZE, CONNECT, INSPIRE and SUPPORT our Female (or identify as Female) creatives in NWA through our online platform, meetups, and events in hopes of bringing our colorful community closer together.

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⚡Just IN | Tortoise nails, trending now. Pic via @mavenfayetteville

SHARING TIME✨ | "Boldness has not always been something I would use to describe myself. I actually used to be the opposite growing up, living in fear of actually being confident. Understanding my worth, being loved, supported, and living in a mindset of gratefulness has created boldness in my heart. I’ve grown, learned a lot of hard lessons, and realized in order live in authenticity I need to be honest in my confidence. I’m so thankful for my community and the people that have poured truth and encouragement over me. Genuinely, it has helped me so much to grow and flourish. 2020, I’m excited to continue to pursue my dreams and accomplish all the goals I’ve set for myself." - AVERY @legitaveryshaw

✌🏼Out 2019! | What an AMAZING first year for the @nwagirlgang! We hope everyone is taking the time to recharge this Holiday Season because 2020 is going to be INCREDIBLE.
It's been so inspiring getting to know the movers and shakers of the NWA through the @nwagirlgang meet-ups, our feed, and on our nwagirlgang.com blog. Here are just a few of our blog highlights! We are also looking for new contributors, so send us message if your interested! Happy N E W YEAR'S Eve gang!

🎆 Starting 2020 with a B A N G!

✨H A P P Y HOLIDAYS to You and Yours! ❌⭕
Photo via @shindigpaperie by @tanjaheffner

✨REPOST | From our friends over at @aisle9 ~ "Vulnerability in our relationships is so important, and sometimes the opportunity is hard to come by. Surround yourself with those you can be your most authentic self with." ✌🏾H A P P Y Satuday!

MOOD | Almost Friday Vibes. Don't forget to check out the @milkdadd PoP-uP at @the_art_collective_gallery now through January 6th!

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