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NWA Girl Gang is a community and movement that celebrates diversity and empowers Arkansas!
Our mission is to RECOGNIZE, CONNECT, INSPIRE and SUPPORT the women and nonbinary individuals of NWA.  NWA Girl Gang is an engaged online platform. We also hold free and inclusive monthly meetups, volunteer in the community, provide educational events, and retreats in hopes of bringing our colorful community closer together.


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✨SHARING TIME | " Growing up I never felt P R E T T Y. I always knew there was someone else who was prettier, funnier, skinner, more outgoing, & dare I say WHITER.
That’s right. I actually said that. I remember going to the counselor in 6th grade Bc I couldn’t understand why my skin was brown & everyone else’s was - white. (Smh)
I have ALWAYS struggled w my “weight”. I was always too fat. My own family would tell me to stop eating, to detox, to go on diets, etc. at the age of 10-15. Crazy right? Well, it definitely affected me. Bc at a young age, I always tried to lose weight. I tried teas & the military diet (which we all know is not healthy at all) which left me starving & not at all losing weight. In fact, I started gaining.
Around the time I graduated high school I finally started gaining confidence & accepting myself even though I still didn’t look like every other pretty girl. I still had family saying things that weren’t always the most pleasant things to hear. As soon I turned 18 I left my parents house to be on my own Bc I decided I no longer wanted to be around that negativity that always made me feel less than.
Fast forwarding to now, I still get those feelings & thoughts of “why can’t I be 50 pounds lighter?” Or “why can’t I be as pretty as her?” Let’s be real, we have all been there. But the truth is, I am perfect the way I am. I don’t need to be skinnier or anything else to be beautiful. Because I AM ENOUGH. & guess what YOU ARE ENOUGH.
I’m at a point in my life where what people say about me, or my decisions in life, don’t affect me anymore. I do what makes me feel beautiful & what makes me happy. I don’t need anyones validation. & through this journey, I have found my truest supporters & friendships. My family are the ones who support me & guide me to loving myself no matter what. & the reasoning for this placement, is for anyone who ever walks behind me, knows, that they too are enough." - Elizabeth @esalaz05

⚡MOOD | for MONDAY. It's all about the process with @ande.art . #womeninart#nwagg#NWAGIRLGANG

✨Congratulations to @uarkart Angela LaPorte, professor of art education, who has recently joined the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Commission on the Arts!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She joins elite artists, scholars, educators, art leaders and philanthropists from around the country tasked with exploring the role of arts in American life. LaPorte's expertise and research have made a positive impact on the university, college and school. #nwa#findingnwa
#northwestarkansas#uarkart#uarkarted#nwark#nwarkansas#womeninart ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

✨SHARING TIME | "Fun fact: my superpower is kicking negativity to the curb, and only making space for optimism. But... on the flip side and in the past, it’s come back to bite me. Most of the time I don’t allow myself to be human (enneagram 7 anyone?). Sometimes our greatest strengths have to be laid down to learn how to process grief, pain, sadness, loss. While I’ll never stop kicking low vibes in the butt, I’m gonna learn to process discomfort in this season. The rose colored glasses never let us see reality.
I’m figuring out a new way to use my superpower, ya feel?" - Lydiah @lydichristine 🖤
➡COME MEET @lydichristine
IN REAL LIFE! This Friday, Feb. 7th at our Galentines! ❤✨

✨BLOG | Break-ups are hard. Know that you are entitled to have ALL kinds of different feelings when you move on from a relationship. Na'Tosha shares an experience in written words. Poetry by @iamnatoshadevon on the blog now. 🖤

✨LET THIS BE THE LAST POST YOU SEE TODAY!✨ As advocates for self-care, @nwagirlgang will no longer be posting (on social media) on SUNDAYS. Enjoy your day Friends! #latergram it . #selfcare#selfcaresunday

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