Sydney Halcumb


“SOUJOURN " | Part 1: The Little Rock Zoo by Rose Gold Studios .

Our fashion story, “Sojourn”, tells of two travelers in their glorious apparel as they journey to highlight some special places in Arkansas that help make a difference. It also highlights many of the state’s creatives! 

The first of our travelers’ 4 stops was the Little Rock Zoo. Not only did we get to shoot at the zoo, we reached out afterwards to find out more about efforts they make to improve the lives of their animals and how they go about educating the public about issues important to animals around the world. Zoo Director, Susan Altrui, filled us in on their projects and how we can help:

Conservation Efforts

    *   Organizations accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, such as the Little Rock Zoo, have staff that participate in a variety of programs focused on conservation education efforts. In fact, Little Rock Zoo staff have teamed up with colleagues across the country to develop games, crafts and other fun and educational activities that teach people about orangutans. The resulting resources have been used by dozens of Zoos to reach tens of thousands of people. Partnerships like these allow the Little Rock Zoo to have an impact on conservation education in Arkansas and well beyond.

Education and Awareness

    *   ​The Little Rock Zoo's new virtual distance learning programs allow students in kindergarten through eighth grade to learn about animals by participating in interactive, virtual programs. With a variety of fun topics available, teachers can engage students whether they are present in the classroom or learning through a virtual portal at home. These programs allow students to see and hear animals at the Zoo while they speak with Zoo staff.

Animal Care and Enrichment

    *   ​The Little Rock Zoo's docent program helps the Zoo to achieve its mission in many ways through adult volunteerism. One such example is how docents help zookeepers to care for our animals by assisting with important tasks. With lots of exhibits, tasks such as cleaning can take quite a bit of time to complete. Fortunately, the Zoo has docents dedicated to assisting the Zoo with providing top quality care for the animals that we all want to conserve so that future generations may appreciate them.
    *   As a zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, we provide the highest standard for animal care and conservation. This means our staff look out for the wellness of our animals every day. We provide enrichment in our animal’s habitats that elicits wild behaviors in order to stimulate the mind and body. This might mean giving an animal a treat in a puzzle feeder or providing a new type of furniture in an exhibit. Whatever it is we are constantly giving exciting new things to our animals so that they are happy and well cared for.​

How To Help 

Those interested in volunteering for the Little Rock Zoo can find out more information HERE.

Donations to the Little Rock Zoo can be made HERE.

Becoming a member of the Little Rock Zoo is easy and can be done HERE.

Design Sketches -Garments (tops and shorts): Designed and made by Lindsey McCray


Creative Direction: Sydney Halcumb and Lindsey McCray, Rose Gold Studios

Photography: Sydney Halcumb, Rose Gold Studios

Garments (tops and shorts): Designed and made by Lindsey McCray

Jewelry: Designed and made by Alyssa Bird, Regenerous Designs

Hair: Ashtone

Makeup: Lindsey McCray

Set Assistants: Jessie Miranda and Kate Cheevers