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SEASONS OF CHANGE | Literally, in Arkansas from rainy spring to hot & humid SUMMER!

But also, life changes…. how do you roll or flow with change…? Or a lack of desired change? Renee Gebhart, LCSW, MSW, Therapist & Life Coach, guides us through the excitement of spring and summer commitments.

Late spring/early summer brings ALL the events…. formals, graduations, weddings.  Events and trips are plotted & planned.  Singles are more likely to mingle. Hope & excitement abound for summertime.

And… it can also trigger “regular” anxiety/stress as well as “extra-special” post-Covid anxiety about socializing:

I hope you are anticipating positive events & experiences this summer!  Either way here are suggestions for navigating change (especially if you feel stress/anxiety/overwhelm):

There are challenges and rewards with each stage of life & season of change.  Some seasons move faster than others and some are easier or more challenging.

You are welcome to reach out for support to:

What I want for you is to Be You, Do You, and Live your Best Life as your Best Self, no matter the season of the year or your life.

From my heart to yours,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR |  Renee loves people's stories & would love to know yours.  Helping clients feel better about themselves, their relationships, and their work makes her happy.  As a LCSW, Renee has provided individual, couple, and family counseling, given presentations, & was an Assistant Professor of Social Work at UAFS.  Renee currently provides coaching & therapy.


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