Jennifer Hawthorne


"ON THE ROAD AGAIN" | written piece by Jennifer Hawthorne & Mike Sidani

Local hairstylist Jennifer Hawthorne and her partner Mike Sidani have perfected the art of the road trip in their Volkswagon Westfalia. Whether you are road tripping to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, going to find the leaves change colors this fall or just driving the open road to socially distance and unplug-- Jennifer & Mike pass along their best advice to prep for the open road.



Don't be afraid to deviate from the original plan or route. Some of the funniest times I have had on a road trip have been on the spot decisions. Take the detour. Spend the extra night in a space you really enjoy. 'Life is a garden,dig it.'




I like to pack as light as possible! If I can avoid it, I prefer not to pack things like a hair dryer or styling tools. I have given this tip out to clients traveling abroad so many times and have had people tell me it's their favorite go-to in a pinch.



Apps like 'Hotel Tonight' is a great tool for last minute hotel stays on the road. The 'AllTrails' app helps you explore Hiking, Biking & Running trails all over the U.S.

Websites like allstays.com have online guides to campgrounds, state parks, county and city parks and public lands for pet friendly, RV friendly grounds.




Take the time to pack the car friendly food & drinks. Yes, of course, you can pick up supplies along the way, but who's to say you won't get hunger pains on a long stretch of road without a gas station? What if you get sleepy and need caffeine? Not to mention the best part, you save money packing the snacks ahead of time!

ProTip: Boxed drinks don't roll around in your vehicle/ camper/ van. Boxed wine or juice boxes are an easy pack for the road.




It's always a good idea to have a paper map for backup. More often than not, you'll be fine with maps on your phone, but you'll need to keep your phone charged. If you end up in a rural place with a spotty connection, paper maps are a lifesaver.

All the kits: Car emergency kit, first aid kit, a kit with wet wipes,hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and a mask. Other items like trash bags, spare tools and a spare tire can never hurt to have for the road. Make sure you a number for roadside assistance saved in your phone!


Whether you are roadtripping in a Vanagon with a loved one or hitting the open road on your own, hopefully these cues help you enjoy your journey, wherever the destination may be!


ABOUT| Jennifer & Mike

Jennifer Hawthorne is a model and local hairstylist in Northwest Arkansas. Mike Sidani is a skateboard enthusiast locally, but works in the surfing industry abroad. You can find more on Jennifer & Mike's adventures by FOLLOWING them on Instagram.