On Tuesday, I had a moment of weakness.

It wasn't eating an entire gallon of ice cream when I only

needed a scoop.

It wasn't splurging on too many frivolous things when I

needed to have bills paid.

It was looking at you with her and wanting to

create rain in the form of blood drops

falling from your bodies.

I was reminded of love hoping that we would

always wake up next to each other.

We would make love


have breakfast in the morning

We would force each other out of the comfort zone


We would sit on the veranda talking about our past while

drinking tea in the future.

I bared my heart to you


gave secrets like untouched scars.

I never got the chance to be a virgin

and for centuries of seconds I felt unfit to live

as if I loved mantras of poppy-seeds and unhappiness.

I drowned in parades of sadness.

You were the first one I ever told the truth to.

I bared my soul to you as if it expelled from my chest

and now failed love is imprinted deep within the edges of my ego.

My best friend seems to think that it just wasn't right because,

when asked to do your laundry,

My answer was NO!

I still loved you!

I wouldn't submit, but I still loved you and cared.

I loved you and was there.

Did I mention love?

However, anything submissive wouldn't be me.


I need to forget the tail end of last winter, but I have trouble not remembering.

I thought I was wrapped in a vignette of your love and faith,

but I never knew your feelings weren't the same.

Now I feel like a fool and shun every man that approaches me

and wonder why men are full of lies

and pain

and false hope

and did I mention lies?

I hope that lies aren't a trait of every mans ethos,

because i still believe in love and fairytales.

Forgive me for not knowing how to incorporate your tale, but being scarred simply hurts like hell.


Cobris is a Little Rock native, who currently resides in Fayetteville, AR.

She is a banker by day and poet by night. She is also a slam poet and has performed on stages from Arkansas to Texas and is a former Rocktown Slam winner. She is currently working on her chapbook, ""Coffee, Magic and Honey."

When she is not performing you can catch her photographing inspiration for her pieces and art.