Renee Gebhart


LOVE FOR THE WIN | What part of me needs some love and attention today? Renee Gebhart, LCSW, MSW, Therapist & Life Coach, guides us through the everyday and... Valentine's Day.

What is your reaction to Valentine’s Day? How do you look at the day?

I’ve been “there” …. single and date-less, newly coupled & feeling awkward, coupled & loving it, unhappily married & ambivalent, divorced …and REPEAT!

Wherever YOU are, it’s ok. V-day is one day of one year of your life. However, it is a great day to stop and think about how to love YOU! And regardless of your relationship status, self-love is important. A lot of women I talk with struggle with that.

What does self-love mean for you? I find it involves a combination of self-care, self-worth, and self-knowing.

Many women struggle with one or more of these aspects as they go together. If so, consider the following:

I ask myself this question daily: “what part of me needs some (or the most) love or attention today?” and then plan on how & when I will honor that. I hope these questions are helpful to you….!

My Valentine’s wish for you is that you believe you are worthy & loveable, you engage in regular practices of self-care, and become increasingly & lovingly mindful of your inner world.

I hope you have significant people in your world that affirm your being...Afterall, we are meant to be in relationship with others!

And regardless of relationship status, we are all divine beings deserving of love, care, and attention!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Renee loves people's stories & would love to know yours.  Helping clients feel better about themselves, their relationships, and their work makes her happy.  As a LCSW, Renee has provided individual, couple, and family counseling, given presentations, & was an Assistant Professor of Social Work at UAFS.  Renee currently provides coaching & therapy.