Sydney Halcumb


“BASK” | Photography + Writing by Sydney Halcumb

“I can’t control a stormy day, the wind, the rain, and the trees that sway. But when the sun returns to shine, I can choose to BASK. I can choose to cherish the light.

A R T I S T * Statement

Spring vibes and feminine aesthetics are definitely present in this shoot. At the heart of it, is a greater message. Finding solace in the gorgeous wonders that shine between the dark moments in life. Even if it storms 90% of the time in your life, that 10% of warm and light is a gift—"BASK" in it.

A B O U T * Sydney Halcumb

Sydney Halcumb is a fashion and creative portrait photographer in Northwest + Central Arkansas and Mom. Her and her husband live in Little Rock with their two children.

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Sydney Halcumb of @rose.gold.studios. Photographer + Mom of 2