Jenn Terrell


A TRIBE called "FEMINA" // Written works and Photography by Jenn Terrell.

These photos were taken of a group of women who mostly did not know each other before this day. A couple were friends of mine but the rest answered an open call online for a group boudoir session for those identifying as women. They came together, encouraged each other and treated each other like sisters.The point of this project was to show women rising up together. They unknowingly did just that during this shoot. The photos are not retouched. These are real, authentic portraits. The only editing done was for stylist purposes.

On the day of the shoot, all of the women came together and problem solved as soon as tiny setbacks happened. Each time we did individual shots of one woman from the group, the others would gather around and encourage her and tell her how beautiful she was. This type of love and togetherness fostered the perfect environment for this photoshoot. I never would have dreamed up this day the way it happened. It was amazing and inspiring for me to see how this group of women, who were mostly strangers, interacted and helped to produce a raw and beautiful set of photographs.

This spurred an ongoing project about exploring femininity. I just finished up the second installment of the series, called "Femina, The Future," with a diverse group of 3-7 year old girls. They wore black dresses, leggings, pants and jackets to foster a look of togetherness. They held hands, sang twinkle, twinkle, little star and laughed and played together throughout the photoshoot. This photoshoot started with a model call on Instagram and Facebook. Every parent who applied to have their child photographed was accepted.

"FEMINA" Group Shot featured on National Geographic

This main "Femina" group photo above was published by National Geographic Your Shot online with this note from one of the editors "Jenn, this bad ass. Plain and simple. You photographed this diverse group of women in a way that showcases their elegance and power. I love that they were there for each other throughout the experience and helped each other rise up, it makes my heart warm. Their body language exudes undeniable confidence. Kudos to these new sisters. I love this story and the portrait of them all." -Kristen Mcnicholas, Associate Photo Editor, Nat Geo Your Shot

These FEMINA portraits published in VOGUE ITALIA.


Photographer: Jenn Terrell of Jenn Terrell Photography


You can also find Jenn on Instagram here : @jennterrellphotography and a collection of her published works on National Geographic , Vogue Italia and more here : Jenn Terrell Published Works

Hair: Giovanna Barboza

Make up: Brushed By Shae

Planner & Creator of the amazing crowns: Sonnet Weddings

Models: Destiny LaNeé, Tylr DeShae Mustin,J'Aaron Merchant, Monique Beilby, Cynthia Hernandez, Jasmine Hudson, Jessie Wagner


Jenn Terrell is a portrait and documentary photographer. Jenn’s work showcases a wide range of topics and individuals, ranging from portrait sessions to sharing the stories of sexual assault survivors, all presented with a raw, honest aesthetic. She lives in Bentonville, Arkansas.


I want to use the power of the photograph to create connections and bring people together. I aim to do that by showing the very human side of the marginalized. I want people to feel the tears of trauma, the scars of abuse and the pain that relates us all.