Carmel Price


"BRI" | by Carmel Price with model Briana Nerio

"Going into this session, Bri (photographed) and I discussed doing a shoot that had more of a creative feel to it. I was informed that she had never gotten her photos taken professionally. I was blown away by how she seemed so natural in front of the camera. Each time I have a session, I strive to make my clients feel confident and comfortable. There have been a few times during a session where I have shown my client a sneak peek photo from my camera and they replied with, "Is that really me?!?!" As a photographer, hearing those words and seeing my clients confidence grow throughout the session is part of why I love doing what I do. Positive feedback makes my heart so happy. I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful." - Carmel

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER | Carmel Price is an Arkansas based photographer. She specializes in weddings, portraits, and couples. You can book with Carmel HERE.

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Carmel Price , NW Arkansas Photographer