Elizabeth Salazar


"BODY" | Photography Editorial by Elizabeth Salazar


ABOUT | Elizabeth Salazar

Elizabeth is a commercial & wedding photographer based in Northwest Arkansas. From Elizabeth about this series:

"It’s so incredibly easy to compare ourselves to other females nowadays with social media. We see influencers all over giving such unrealistic expectations of what a females body should look like or what is more desirable & I want to stand up against that to advocate that every female body is beautiful no matter what. The female body does incredible things & it often goes unnoticed. I want to celebrate every “imperfection” & I want to inspire females to feel beautiful & confident in their own skin. I want them to be thankful for their body that keeps them alive everyday. Most times getting your photos taken is nerve wracking bc you get nervous on how you look, but these females trusted me to capture they’re beauty, the things that make them unique. & I thank them for that."

You can find more of Elizabeth's work on her website or FOLLOW her on Instagram @esalaz05.