"A Nurse's Tips for Wellness in Times of Stress"

Cindy Roman


"A Nurse's Tips for Wellness in Times of Stress" | written by Cindy Roman RN

Even though we currently live in times of high stress and anxiety, its more important than ever to place our focus on out health and wellness. Stress can be defined as a natural response to help us react in a specific way to a specific situation or issue in order to resolve it. Homeostasis is the internal balance we need in order to feel well. Think of it like this..


We all have a 'fight or flight' response when confronted with high stress.


If you don’t find a resolution or find ways to change your way of reacting, it can lead to chronic stress. Chronic stress has been linked to other diseases and health conditions.  When you feel increased tension in your jaw, start breathing faster, when you can hear the thudding of your pulse or when you have to force yourself to maintain breath--these are all indicators of stress and ways that peoples can start to be more self aware of when they get stressed. Many muscular and skeletal issues are related to stress. All the more reason to practice better habits and to have better health. We all deserve happiness and health.


Here are a few tips that focus on health and wellness that have worked for me.


  1. Power Breathing
  1. Alternate Nostril Breathing
  1. Exercise
  1. Middle of the Day Idle Stretching



Any of these four practices-- Power Breathing, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Exercise and Stretching-- can be used to promote wellness and better health. You have to be willing to work for yourself because your body is doing its best for you on a daily basis. The more we can be proactive-- the more time dedicated to overall wellness, mental health and not just a weight number or lab result --the healthier we are overall for the long run.


ABOUT | Cindy Roman RN

Cindy is a nurse at a local Northwest Arkansas hospital with a passion for educating her local community in the importance of wellness for long term health. Stay tuned for more from Cindy in future contributions or FOLLOW her on Instagram.