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MEET | The owners of SAMANTHA's GARDEN + SAMANTHA's INTERNATIONAL, Diana + Justin Thompson.

Samantha`s Garden is a unique floral design company, we use the beauty of nature to write a page in your story. Our heart and passion is to share Love and Grace through the beauty of flowers. When God called us to tell our daughter Samantha's story we were led to use flowers as the storyteller. Every arrangement we make has a unique twist, something to signify restoration, strength and peace.

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What started off as a way to heal from the heartache of the difficult decision to abort our daughter Samantha, I began using my hands to create beautiful flower arrangements that magnify God's unwavering Mercy and His perfect Grace. After many years of uprooting seeds of guilt, unforgiveness and shame, we have found peace. During this process, we have learned to plant seeds of forgiveness, water those seeds with His love and compassion and then watch a beautiful transformation take place just as a seed turns into a flower. Our passion is to share this peace with others through the beauty of flowers.

We commit to providing a servant leadership experience, helping you plan and beautify your event with nature's most beautiful creations. We consider ourselves storytellers, your event isn't just a beautiful party it is a part of your story! We focus on the details and never skimp on quality, every event becomes a work of art inspired by you!

WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT GIVING BACK! 10% of all our profit goes back into the community to support women and children.


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