GUIDED BY BEX | Holistic Wellness Coach + Guide with Bex Nimrod.

Bex is a Midwest gal with a global heart. Her expansive vision and gift of intuition, guide her daily actions and work. She is a solid believer in the sacredness of gathering. Gifted with the ability to create and hold space, bex allows those near, to press into internal spaces, breaking free. Her life is her work and the rest is bonus. Engage  her one on one, in classes or a retreat setting. Her heart is comfortable in the middle of the dance floor or on trails with her dog surrounded by nature. She is a lover of skipping, bubbles & bare feet and often spotted with a canvas tote over her shoulder labeled with 8 of her favorites: table, sharing, asana, india, wanderlust, dogs, tacos & veuve.

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CREATING + HOLDING space for you. Here are just some of the services that Bex can offer you.

HEALTH COACHING: “A certified Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices.” ~ from the website of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

As your health coach, I am afforded the opportunity to join with you on a journey of a lifetime. A journey you deserve. A journey inward and through. Together we assess your current patterns, press into the areas which led to these patterns, create a process and goals, which give rise to new patterns. Patterns which allow you to fully embrace the purposeful gifts of you have been given in a healthy and holistic way of living  ~  A World Changing Lifestyle.

YOGA: Personal, family, corporate in person or virtually.

REIKI: Reiki is a Japanese technique using energy to aid in stress reduction, relaxation and promote healing. Life force energy is guided and transferred through the gentle laying on of hands.

You can expect to lay fully clothed on a table, receiving gentle touch or if preferred, no touch at all.  Your comfort level is most important. Did you now reiki can be given from distance?

MEDITATION: Do you need a pause in your day and find guidance necessary?  Let me guide you in practice and development of a routine, allowing you to gain the peace of mind you deserve.

Available to provide at a corporate level. Lower the stress level, as you peak performance in the workplace with the addition of a weekly meditation for your employees or team. Breath work and meditation are proven techniques.

Examples: Blake St. House meditation and The Momentary meditation

CEREMONY: Creation of a ceremony for life shifts and flows.


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