Connection Pilates + Fitness

"MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER, LIVE BETTER" - with Connection Pilates.

CONNECTION PILATES + FITNESS | Woman owned and operated, this health and wellness center is located in Springdale, Arkansas.

Connection Pilates + Fitness is a raw and traditional Pilates Studio comprised of highly educated Pilates Instructors who have spent over 500 hours learning anatomy, biomechanics (movement of the body), and specific disease and injury logistics when working with the body.

At Connection Pilates, there are two unique classes offered at the studio:

Restorative Pilates, which allows bodies in pain or with injury (chronic or acute) to be able to do a more therapeutic approach that incorporates slower pace and concentrated attention to rebuilding the body amidst obstacles and ...

PHIT (Pilates High Intensity Training), which gives people a higher intensity interval Pilates workout that is based in safe, corrective movement so they do not injure or overwork their bodies & adrenal systems. Connection Pilates also offers Oov training – Connection Pilates is the only Pilates studio in the region using offering this training used with a 3-D device, originally coming from Australia.

Beyond our Pilates instructor led intensive training, Connection Pilates instructors Michelle and Katie have both studied health & science through college studies. Michelle – microbiology/Pre-Med, Masters in Exercise & Health Science, sports specific training, & Equestrian Pilates, & is currently getting her Health Coach Certificate; Michelle offers Pilates for equestrians as well (obviously)!! Michelle is a PMA member. Katie – BA & MS in Exercise Physiology plus 18 years in the health and wellness industry, 11 years teaching Pilates, including clinical and non-clinical areas, is a certified Health & Wellness Coach, and is on track to become PMA certified by the end of this year.

Owner, Founder, and Instructor of Connection Pilates, Michelle Meiklejohn.

Connection Pilates Instructor, Katie Kirk.

THE HEART AND PASSION OF THE STUDIO is to truly enable people to THRIVE in their health by:

-Finding their deep musculature, particularly from the core muscles, and learn to create new, healthier ways of recruiting muscle connections and patterns that will allow them to use their core well but also move more effectively, avoiding injury, pain, and often tightness; people often ACTUALLY WANT TO EXERCISE after training in a Pilates studio and continue a lifetime of healthy movement. We have women and men come in all the time saying how they never get bored or dread coming to Pilates!!

-Finding that they are WORTH all the self-care & health elevation that either we provide and/or they seek elsewhere (we encourage & love on them).

-Having fun and staying consistent in their routine.

-Offering health coaching  - eating, mindfulness, extra details for healthy lifestyle!

-Referring them to any necessary practitioners that can help them beyond our care (functional health practitioners, Physical Therapists, chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists, etc – we have a list of those that we have interviewed and built a relationship with that we know will make a difference in their health/life).

"If we had to pick one or two words to showcase our studio’s practice, it would be THRIVE & Balance! As women who own the business, manage the business, instruct the classes and private sessions, reach out to the community, mother our children, show up for our spouses, seek our own hobbies, AND keep ourselves healthy and find time for self-care…we know a lil bit bout BALANCE in order to THRIVE!! Otherwise the ship is gonna go down! We live that and we teach that. Pilates in & of itself enables the body to do just that in the way the Pilates Method trains the mind & the body – it’s a mindful approach, accompanied by breathwork integrated movement that creates a FLOW that feels SOOOOOO good! " - Michelle + Katie of Connection Pilates and Fitness

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