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Brick & Mortar, NWA’s premier event space, is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Rogers on Walnut Street. It's the perfect spot to host an array of traditional events, including: Art Classes, Baby/Bridal Showers, Elopements, Receptions, Business Meetings, Vendor Product/Photography, Markets, and More!

However, it’s the community-minded spirit that truly sets Brick & Mortar apart. Owners Cyndie Jacks and Julia Spears are passionate about empowering and supporting local entrepreneurs and creatives...encouraging collaboration and using the space as a platform for showcasing both local artists and artisans.

Owners Cyndie Jacks + Julia Spears

Julia Spears is the “details” side of the Brick & Mortar duo. On any given day, you will find her tackling the “nuts and bolts” of running their business, making sure that events Brick & Mortar hosts take place seamlessly. Julia’s eye for detail is balanced with a flair for creativity. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and design, Julia helps both individuals and businesses successfully execute their vision –be it a party, a project, or a marketing plan – with style. A Rogers native,Julia has long admired the collaborative and generous spirit that permeates the Downtown Rogers community, and is committed to using Brick & Mortar to help carry that spirit forward.

Behind the big ideas, vision, and creativity, you will find Cyndie Jacks. Aside from her passion for photography, she has a gift for empowering others to make their dreams…a reality. This “gift” beautifully aligns with the original vision for Brick & Mortar, to serve as a launching pad for artists and entrepreneurs. Her love of Historic Downtown Rogers is obvious, and any collaboration between its businesses inspires and motivates her. When she's not shuffling an eclectic mix of furnishings in and out of Brick& Mortar, or styling the space for an upcoming event, Cyndie can be found scouting funky vintage finds, hanging out with her daughter, Abby or spending quiet time at her home on Lake Ann.

During the initial talks prior to rebranding as Brick & Mortar, Cyndie and Julia felt combining their personal talents/passions with a space to connect and collaborate, not only made perfect sense, but was something Northwest Arkansas still desperately needed. Like the uniqueness of their business model, which allows them to merge their talents, Cyndie and Julia have cultivated a love and appreciation for simplicity, true authenticity, and treasures “left behind”.  Brick &Mortar's inventory is an ever-evolving mix of modern day and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Everything is for sale. In the end, it’s the people – not the stuff – that makes Brick & Mortar unlike any other venue in the area.

Brick & Mortar is thrilled to have been the launching pad for the very FIRST NWA Girl Gang gathering, a few collaborative events in between, and then 12 months later...we were honored to host NWAGG’s extra special FIRST Birthday Party! It’s been exciting to watch the NWA Girl Gang grow in numbers, enthusiasm, and diversity!  We continue to cheer you on Rachel Fox...grateful for both your inclusive vision and beautiful spirit! ❌⭕️

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Brick & Mortar is located in Downtown Rogers, Arkansas. Follow along with Brick & Mortar for all of their news and community events on Facebook and on Instagram.