BEE WELL YOGA | Bee Well Yoga is a yoga studio in Rogers, AR with a mission to offer accessible yoga practices for every BODY

We are a place where the yoga community can come together, flourish and grow. Although we’re a small piece of a global community, we strive to make an impact on the world with our commitment to the yoga tradition. That means we are intentional with how we teach yoga, the programs we offer and how we continue to practice and evolve on our path to wholeness.

Our team is hear for you!

Yoga is for EVERY body on ANY day of the week and that's why we offer powerful vinyasa flows balancing along with relaxing restorative sessions. Some days your body needs a sweaty, powerful workout and other days your body needs rest. With over 35 classes each week, you'll be able to find a class for what your body needs. We want you to get the most out of your yoga practice - EVERY time you step on your mat. We want you to cultivate compassion and peace within yourself while developing strength and flexibility. We want you to find commitment to your practice on your own terms so you can embrace the changes you want to see. We want you to feel like you belong to a community impacting the community where you live. Are you looking for a place for community, compassion, commitment on your yoga journey? This is Bee Well Yoga.

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